Monday, October 30, 2006

Microsoft Giving Away Accounting Software

Wow.  Well here's one way to try and get people to adopt your software.  Give it away.  Microsoft has released an edition of it's 2007 Office Accounting software called Express for free.  Get it at  That's definitely one way to try and get it to the masses.

I look forward to using the 2007 Professional edition as we moved to the 2006 edition about 4 months ago.  Overall I have to say that I enjoy using it.  It is definitely different than Quickbooks and the flow is a little different.  But the satisfaction of having that database reside on the server and be backed up on a consistent basis is pretty nice.

Also there is some new items with the new 2007 edition:

Grow your business online

  • List items on eBay, track sales activity, and download and process orders
  • Email invoices and get paid faster with PayPal
  • Monitor your customers’ business credit in real-time through Equifax

I think the above is pretty big.  Online for the micro and small businesses will continue to get pretty big.  Also being able to share your books with your accountant through Office Live is pretty interesting as well.  Although I see 2 problems with this.  1.  I don't know too many people that would yet be willing to share their financial data over the Internet and 2.  Accountants haven't exactly embraced Office Accounting as of yet.  That's a big deal.  If the accountants start to use it then we'll see a shift in the tide of accounting packages for the SMB.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Moving is Always Fun

Well it was time for a change.  We needed a little more room at TAZ Networks with growth and additional personnel so it was time for a little change.  A move that is.

We've finally moved into our new offices at 455 E Grand River in Brighton, MI.  Suite 106.  This will give us a better central place to service clients from and really allow us to expand as well.  I'm excited about the new move and hope that if you're in the area stop on by.

Did I mention that I hate to move?  When we moved into our house I thought that was a lot of junk but I guess that was nothing compared to the office.


Here's the new vitals:

TAZ Networks

455 E. Grand River

Suite 106

Brighton, MI 48116

810-355-2280 or 517-376-3000

Monday, October 16, 2006

Back and Ready to Go

Well it's been quite the month.  Battling some business and personal items I decided to do what any good business owner does.  Go on vacation! :)  So my family and I just got back from 2 weeks at Disney World.  Nothing like 8 days at Disney Parks to take you away from reality.  2 days at Seaworld didn't hurt either.  (The dolphin feeding is a must for anyone doing that as well.)

Now it's back to reality....and a little snow in the air.  Oh well that's Michigan.

Just a note to say that I'm testing using the Live Writer from Microsoft to update my blog now.  I wanted to see how it would do.  So far it passes the test.  I'll let you know how it goes, but I think it'll be a little easier to post as I can just keep this up and going throughout the day.


Oh and if you stay at the DW resort, The Port Orleans Riverside resort was great for a family of 5.