Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Forefront Security and SBS

Well the Forefront Security Client Beta is out and so I decided to download tonight and see how it works with SBS. Ouch...OK stop it right there. Better start reading the Deployment Guide. It is definitely not for SBS and even SBS R2. The deployment guide references either a 1 server or 3 server scenario (can you say Centro?). The guide shows that W2K3 server is required and no mention of SBS. Here's the reason. It takes SQL Server 2005 Enterprise edition for this version. OK we've only got poor old SQL 2005 Workgroup edition in SBS 2003 R2. So that won't work.

I've got to mention that all the items that Forefront require to get going is really quite a bit and a little over the top if you ask me. If you head over to the Forefront FAQ you get a better idea of who it's for.

Who should use Microsoft Forefront Client Security?
Microsoft Forefront Client Security is designed for any mid-to-large size organization that needs a single solution for protection, detection, and removal of spyware, rootkits, and other emerging threats as well as traditional attacks such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

So it's definitely not for the SBS crowd. It'll be interesting to see if a SBS Sized version comes out but for right now I'm sticking with Trend Micro's C/S/M Suite. It's an easy install and works great.