Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Repartitions and Event 7001 VSS Errors

Recently with all of the new service packs, updates, patches, and Trend Micro new versions we've really seen a hit on our clients SBS servers on the system partition. Especially those that we took over that they got from Dell with the wonderful 12GB partition on it.

So as I've mentioned in the past we use a cool utility from Paragon to resize the partitions. It works well and they have a nice tech license.

However those servers that we repartitioned recently are getting an Event 7001 in the log. It shows that the shadow copies are not created. Here's the link to the fix for this item from Microsoft:

Now make sure to go into the scheduled tasks and delete all items associated with Shadow Copy. Simply disabling and reenabling the shadow copies won't work.

And definitely double check that your shadow copies are enabled on your data drives. No worse thing than going to show a client that there is this neat feature to get your files back quickly only to realize you or your techs never enabled it!