Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 Year in Review

I thought I'd just reprint my letter that went out in our recent newsletter here on the blog to anyone that would prefer to read it online rather than in print.  What a year for us in 2007 and I'm grateful to many people that have taken the time to use our services.  We've grown a lot and moved forward in a lot of ways.  Especially in a Michigan economy that has been bleak to say the least.  2008 should be even better!


To Our Valued Clients:

I want to thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to serve you during 2007. It’s been a big year of change at TAZ Networks. As the owner, I take much pride in the fact that we have continued to grow year after year and receive much in return in the way of thanks and great relationships that we have built over the course of time.

Whether you’re dealing with me directly or one of our employees, it’s important to me that you continue to receive great support and timely fixes to any problems you have. In addition, we want our business relationship to grow with each and every one of you, knowing that we can recommend technology products that will continue to make your businesses run smoother and your lives a little easier!

With changes come bumps in the road. So we’ve seen fit to make some adjustments to the way we run our operations to try to smooth those bumps. This is all based on feedback from you, our valued clients.

What have we done in 2007? For starters, we realized that communication with our clients needed to be improved. So we revamped our ticketing system. Twice. (Ouch!)

As you all know, if you don’t at first succeed try, try again. Our newest ticketing system is state of the art and allows you to even view your invoices online. We have sent out notices to all our clients of this new ticketing and portal system, so if you did not receive your notice please let us know. We’re not done yet as we will continue to improve this system. We hope it will quickly become the number one way that all clients get in contact with us.

We sent our techs to better training in 2007. This will be a trend you continue to see as we prepare for the upcoming swarm of new releases from Microsoft and others.

We’ve invested in new technologies. If you take a look at the back page of this newsletter you’ll see information on one such technology, VoIP. We will continue to promote this even more. Right now we need 3 companies to help us out. If you’re interested fill out the enclosed sign up sheet.

What will we do in 2008? Again, service is our top priority. We will be hiring more technical people to fill out roles in our organization.

One client request that we’ve heard loud and clear is additional in-office technical support so that you don’t have to leave a voice mail message if someone is out or

on the phone. We hope to have this done in the next month.

In addition, we will be working towards upgrading many of our customers to Microsoft’s new flagship release of Small Business Server.

Also, we want you to get more value out of the products you have, so we will be doing product-focused “lunch and learns.”

Thanks again for a great year! As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know directly.

Thanks for staying on the train!

Tavis Patterson, President

Trend Micro C/S/M now includes hosted ERS

Just something that caught my eye now and we will start to use.  Trend Micro Client Server Messaging (C/S/M) suite which is our de facto standard for anti virus for SBS users now includes a license to their hosted Email Reputation Services.  What is this?  Well essentially it means that you redirect your email to their servers where they scan and take a look at the mail and then after it goes through this cleaning process they deliver back to your Small Business Server.  It will also act as a backup for your email server in the event that it goes down as they will host your email for up to 5 days and then send it once its up again.  This is pretty great for just being included in the product.  We've got clients using a backup MX record and this will definitely make that not necessary.  In addition with the use of the IMF filter for Exchange and other lists spam has become a non issue for our clients.  The C/S/M suite has been a winner for us and with this newest addition to me the value continues to be very high.  Check out Trend and see if it'll fit your needs.