Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Small Business Peer Groups and HTG

So I sit here in the Omaha airport waiting for my flight back to Detroit after 2 days of power packed information from 10 other owners/principals of a peer group called HTG or Heartland Technology Group. I'm in Group 13 or HTG 13.

Dave Cooksey is our group moderator and we also have some great owners including Karl Palachuk.

As we hit the future with our Michigan Small Business economy hurting we can definitely learn from the best practices that others are doing around the country. This is true whether or not you're in technology or farming, it doesn't matter, the principles are the same.

We visited Heartland Technologies where the HTG founder Arlin Sorensen has his business. Now all we can say is that he is on the CRN fast growth path and runs a $17 Mil business out of his farm/office. Looks are definitely deceiving. It's the processes and the people behind the scenes that make it happen.

What will we do with these quarterly meetings? We'll continue to fine tune our services to provide the best small business technology and small business consulting in Michigan. Hopefully this will continue to result in better service and better technology for all of our clients. With a board of 10 other people, it's hard to be steered wrong.

Execution is also key. That was definitely pounded down this week. So whatever your area of expertise or industry definitely take a look at peer groups as a way to continue to grow your business and have goals that you follow through on.