Friday, October 17, 2008

Blackberry Controller Service Not Starting and Event 5003

OK I'm not a fan of the Blackberry and SBS. It works but I really hate the additional setup on the SBS server. However we do it because we aim to keep our customers happy. Some services such as TMobile just don't have great Windows devices as of yet.

However we've had more issues with the Blackberry Enterprise Server software in the last week than we've had the entire time I've been running this place.

The Blackberry Controller service would not start up and we would get an event 5003 that was populated in the event log. After some digging I found the issue.

The root cause is the Microsoft Patch MS08-37 that affects DNS ports.

Going here I quickly found out it was the DNS server causing the issue.

So I stopped the DNS server service and then started the Blackberry controller service. Voila, working like a champ. However that won't help the next reboot.

Well the SBS Blog folks are my heroes. This contribution alone to the community is worth every ounch of effort that those folks put into it to keep us informed. By going here: you see that you can reserve the DNS ports not to check.

Follow that post and add ports 4070-4071 to the mix. Now reboot. OK all set!

Stinking blackberry or as a client called them this week suckberry.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Michigan Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Seminar

One thing that I see over and over again with small businesses is the need for a disaster recovery or business continuity plan. Did you know that 94% of small businesses fail after a disaster? Your data is your business. Make sure you have a plan for it.

For that reason we created a newly developed seminar called "Building a Business Continuity Plan for Michigan Small Businesses".

We're going to talk about some of the disasters that could happen right here in Michigan and the best way to avoid them. And how we can bullet proof our data from loss due to equipment failure, fire, flood or other disasters.

Join us please. We're going to limit participants to 30 so please sign up today. Best of's FREE. Come out and talk about Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity over some breakfast and get back to the office before you're missed.

Sign up today.