Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How is your business outlook for 2009?

Thanks to all for their support of our webcast yesterday for Microsoft’s 5W/50 program.

One informal poll that we had for computer companies out there was to see how business looks for 2009.

We had about 65 attendees and here’s the results we got:

The same as 2008: 17 - 47%

Worse than 2008: 12 - 33%

Better than 2008: 7 - 19%

So what does that tell me?  For one thing the old 80/20 rule applies.  80% think it won’t be such a great year.  20% do.  Isn’t it funny how that always appears in business? 

Secondly, most people are being realistic.  I think we’ve got to be with the current economic climate.  Only 19-20% think they will generate more revenue in 2009.  Count me in the 19%.  I think we will do better but will it match 2007 and 2008.  No it won’t.  I know that right now in January.

Around 80% see either the same or worse figures than 2008.  That’s a BIG number.  No doubt to continue to grow in this economic climate will require more work not less.  It will require dedication and it will require being better justified with each and every dollar you spend.

I think that’s where we come in as IT providers.  We can definitely provide most folks out there with better spending of their dollar so they can get $5 back or more with every one they spend.

A prime example is our unified communications offering.  Just having that allowing for remote teleworkers or remote branches to be tied in over the Internet could mean serious dollars to the bottom line of those monthly recurring bills.

Our computer care advantage program is another area to save money.  I know that no one wants to see someone lose their job but if people are and you can replace an individual with an entire fleet of techs for less than the cost of a part time person would you do it?  I know I would.  I have my family to think about.  It may sound mean but realistically we have to be as lean as we can otherwise your business won’t be around very long.

So are you in the 80% or the 20%.  Funny how the 80/20 rule always applies in just about everything in life.  Hopefully this can be the year you’re in the 20%.