Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vista Sync Center and Offline Partnership after Migration

OK folks so we did our Small Business Server 2008 migration this past week during the down time when everybody else takes off work.  (Yeah we took off a couple of days as well so it’s not all violin music)  I’ll present my findings in another post but I wanted to send out something that has been bugging me since the migration.

On my Vista Business laptop I had our company share directory enabled for offline use via the familiar “Always Available Offline” item that Vista gives you the option for.  This was great and allowed me to take company information with me and even function as an up to date backup if need be….security risks and storage aside.

But now after the migration and we’ve moved the data I didn’t stop those partnerships.  Now I have all this data and a dead partnership that I don’t need anymore.  And worse yet since I couldn’t connect Vista in it’s wise functioning won’t let me stop the syncing or the partnership.

So what does a wise computer user do?

Thankfully I found a little known reg hack that will allow you to blow away the sync center database upon reboot and start afresh.  Here’s the steps:

In registry, create a DWORD value called FormatDatabase under
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\CSC\Parameters. To this value, assign the value of 1.

Then restart the computer.

Now make sure that you don’t need anything else in the sync center and that you’ve updated anything offline already as it will indeed blow away everything and start fresh.

For me it did the trick.  I restarted logged in a little longer than normal and it automatically set up my sync for my desktop and My documents to the new redirectedfolders area on our new SBS 2008.