Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Last Techy test for me? 70-653 SBS 2008

So yesterday I took what could be one of the last technical certification tests that I may take.  As I do more and more of the business planning and focusing for the future of TAZ Networks I’m trying to do less of the technical work.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a techy at heart but doing the day in day out work on tickets is not where I should be focused.

We’ve been working with Small Business Server 2008 for about 8 months now with all the betas and so forth.  We’ve done several network migrations as I’ve detailed before and although I haven’t done as much of the work I’ve looked over the shoulders of the guys doing it and obviously played around in a test environment because as I said I’m a techy at heart.

So without really “studying” I walked in and took the 70-653 test yesterday at our local Prometric testing center.  After about an hour of waiting for them to get the dang test ready I finally took it and got through it in about 45 minutes.

What are the takeaways?  Definitely the biggest thing on the test is to know the Microsoft terminology of where items are at in Small Business Server 2008.  There was a high emphasis on the migration process from SBS 2003 as well which I give high praise to the test writers for.  That’s something that everyone should know.  Not just how to set up the product from scratch but how to do the migration from SBS 2003.

If you’ve worked with Small Business Server 2008 for some time you’ll definitely be comfortable with this test.  After working with SBS in some flavor for the past 9 years I certainly was.

Oh yeah and I passed with a score that even surprised me since I hadn’t really studied.  Who am I kidding…I live for this stuff.