Monday, July 27, 2009

25% of small businesses receiving a failing grade in IT

Interesting release over on businesswire on the ineffectiveness of IT in small business.  Small business owners can get their score by going to the IT effectiveness index and finishing a 10 minute survey.

And when you consider that 37% are getting a C that means that over half of small businesses are just letting their technology be another source of expense in their business.

Technology should be very effective in this day and age.  And the business owner doesn’t have to be the one that worries about it. 

The press release highlights the fact that security is a huge concern.  As well it should be.  Inability to prepare for incidents is huge as well.  And lastly unacceptable downtimes of IT systems.

I agree that a small business with these 3 core things are a major source of anxiety and concern for most small business owners.  Here in Michigan we see the same.  When most small business owners in Ann Arbor or Detroit look to us for consulting or IT outsourcing it is because their current provider let them down with one of these three items.

How are we addressing these 3 concerns?  Let’s take them point by point:

1.  Security Protection.  Our Computer Care Advantage program allows us to take over the IT environment for one flat fee a month.  This causes security to be monitored by our 24x7 service that never falls asleep at the wheel.  In addition our managed firewall service using Sonicwall allows us to monitor firewalls all for one set fee a month and make sure they are updated regularly.  One thing we constantly see in small business is that due to lack of resources or time or knowledge a product may be fully in place but never utilized or updated for current protection methods.

2.  Inability to prepare for events.  Call it business continuity, disaster recovery, whatever you like but small business needs to have it.  Not only technology solutions but also a written disaster plan as well.  On the technology side we have our standby server technology, where the technology owner can sleep easy at night.  We backup servers regularly to our device and then send the data over secured lines to a network center that can restore the data to another device and ship it anywhere in the world if a disaster strikes.  That’s preparedness.

3.  Downtime.  Downtime sucks.  No other way to put it.  That’s why we guarantee uptime or your money back when you’re a client of our Computer Care Advantage program.  We take responsibility for our actions and you shouldn’t have to worry about your IT.

Could we really help you?  Well if you’re like Crystal Gardens we could save you thousands of dollars.  We’re happy to help our small business friends in the Detroit, Howell, Brighton, Novi and Ann Arbor areas with their computer support and repair needs.