Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michigan Healthcare Technology and EMR PM Solutions

I’m happy to announce that TAZ Networks has just finished work on our new website for Michigan Healthcare Technology and EMR Solutions.  As a business owner I know how nice it is to call in for local support on my HVAC unit or Accounting needs.  Healthcare technology should not be any different.  Unfortunately for most practices and providers when they implement a large Electronic Medical Record or Practice Management software program they usually receive support from somewhere half a world away.  That’s why gloStream’s support model of using local technology providers interested me.  So we’ve joined their partner program and received training on their EMR program, gloEMR.  gloPM their practice management piece will soon be out as well.


Why did we do this?  First and foremost I believe that tackling just a couple of verticals, (healthcare being primary) will make us a better organization to continue to provide strong solutions for our clients and not just the latest technology.  gloStream’s solutions and software truly do make a difference in the practices they are implemented in and with 100% implementation rate who can argue?  As our new website suggests we are THE Healthcare IT Company for you.  Take a look at the website and be sure to give me your feedback.


Why is technology so important a step for the healthcare industry?  One major reason is that technology should make our life easier.  And EMR and PM programs do just that.  I can’t imagine taking a paper chart of our clients home and updating each ticket manually.  It’s all electronic and everybody gets notified.  Unfortunately some very high paid doctors spend countless hours at night updating charts or worse yet having staff spend hours to look for them during the day.  That’s where a great EMR that is easy to use and based on Microsoft Word comes into play.  When an EMR is used the doctor or assistant updates the record and everyone can be notified in real time.  No more deciphering that signature or note.  Technology for the healthcare industry is probably only touching the surface of what we can do to make our client visits even easier and the information exchange that needs to happen when you or I go out of our primary care area and need updated health information fast.


I’m excited that we’re taking a big dive into this vertical and hope that if you need assistance you don’t hesitate to call us.  We’re already leading the way with our Ann Arbor Computer service that is fanatical and catered to our clients.   We hope that our healthcare clients see the same value in this software as we do.