Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whose in Your bracket? Windows 7 or SBS 2008?

So today is the day when most of us slack off and March Madness begins in earnest.  With special thanks to the NCAA and CBS you can stream in high quality all of the games to your desktop.  Man what a day for the lazy button for all of us to be hit.

And for me although I live in Michigan/Michigan State territory I bleed Orange and Blue.  Go Illini!  I think they can win even though Western Kentucky has been picked everywhere because it’s a 5/12 matchup.

So that got me thinking.  With the current economy it might turn into a bracket thing with technology for you and your company.

There are some cool products out there that reduce cost and help increase productivity.  We saw some features yesterday at a Microsoft Partner briefing here in Michigan.  But because of cutting costs it might be a situation where you can only pick one, “your bracket champion” to move forward with.

What would that be?

Well I gotta tell you that in my bracket would definitely be Windows 7.  Even if it were matched up against Small Business Server 2008 in the regional final I think that Windows 7 would prevail and get to the Final Four.  Why?  Speed and increased productivity alone are the greatest factors.  There are also some pretty compelling reasons coming out with the later server versions as well.

Another item that probably would get to our final four is Unified Communications.  This can save a company big money right away and decrease travel expenses.

So who’s in your technology Final Four?  Will you have a champion at all this year or are you just moving on to Football and forgetting the tournament this year?  That may be a mistake because the business that turns a blind eye is the one that gets a kick in the butt.

Oh and by the way…I’ve got Louisville in my bracket.

SBS 2008 Migration Error: "Microsoft Exchange": 0x80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server.

So one of the first migrations we have done and we encountered the above error right away while trying to uninstall Exchange 2003 from the source server.  Most folks will direct you to a KB from Microsoft on the postmaster account.  However our Exchange install log (check in the root of C: for yours) showed something different that is posted at the bottom of this post.

Essentially is pointed to another Active Directory problem.  And for migration sake the advice from Microsoft was don’t worry about troubleshooting trying to get Exchange Server 2003 off of the source server through Add/Remove programs…it’s not worth it.  Go to the KB How to remove Exchange Server 2003 from your computer and perform that and then demote the source server.

Folks all I can say is that if you’re migrating Small Business Server you’re going to get very familiar with adsiedit and the above KB on manually uninstalling Exchange Server 2003.

If you’re not familiar with adsiedit then here’s my advice:  step away from the server with your hands in the prone position and give a call to someone who can assist you.  You’ll really mess everything up very quickly if you’re not careful.

[16:34:39]  ScPRQ_ServerIsNotRUSResponsibleServerInTheNonEmptyOrg
           Error code 0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the
[16:34:39]  CCompServer::ScCheckEVSPrerequisites
           Error code 0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the
[16:34:39]  CCompServer::ScCheckPrerequisites
           Error code 0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the
[16:34:39]  CComExchSetupComponent::ScCheckPrerequisites
           Error code 0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the
[16:34:39]  CComExchSetupComponent::ScCheckPrerequisites
           Error code 0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the
[16:34:39] === IGNORING PREVIOUS ERRORS === HrSetProblemOnInstallAction,
while calling ScCheckPrerequisites
           The operation has completed successfully.
[16:34:39] Setup encountered an error while checking prerequisites for the
component "Microsoft Exchange":
0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server.

Small Business Server 2008 Migration Error

Well we’ve done several migrations from small business server 2003 to small business server 2008 and we’re seeing a consistent theme.  Migrations aren’t easy.  Plain and simple.  This stuff is suppose to get easier and it’s not unfortunately.  Even for folks who work day in and out with small business server.

That’s why if you don’t have a IT company like TAZ Networks to fall back on for network support or network troubleshooting or network installation you might be spinning your wheels very quickly.  At least we know who to call when we can’t figure something out.

I’ve never had to have folks on our team call Microsoft so much as in the last month.  Perhaps it’s because we’re just getting our hands around this migration thing but I just don’t see that because each scenario is truly different.

#1 thing to make sure of:  That your Active Directory is in order before you even start a migration.  And most of these items are caught on any best practice analyzer as well.  Make sure that NTFRS log doesn’t have any yellow or red items or you may be in for a long migration.

I’ll blog about our standard installation of small business server 2008 in another post (we do everything in Microsoft virtualization using Hyper-V for migrations) but rest assured it will take some time to get done.

So hang in there on your small business server 2008 migrations and installations and if you need our help please feel free to give us a call.  If you are going it alone then let the games begin and take a close look at that active directory.