Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 Releases Today

OK so unless you’ve been under a rock lately you know that Windows 7 releases today.  You can check out the kick off at Microsoft via the web if you like.

We’ve been running Windows 7 since the early part of the year and overall all of our indications are that it is a winner.  I’ve been posting articles on our newsletter about our experiences with Windows 7.  The #1 thing obviously that will attract everyone is speed.  It is snappier and just an overall better experience.

Early indications from our Michigan computer services client base are good as well.  When we have clients asking us about something new rather than us pushing it we know that press is favorable.  Windows 7 seems to be getting that PR.  We’ve had more than a handful ask us our impression and what we like about the product.

One thing I will say…if at all possible move directly to the 64 bit edition.  I think sometimes we as solution providers are a little hesitant to push the envelope a little with our clients and this includes moving to the newest technology.  I’ve been running 64 bit for quite a while now on Vista and now Windows 7 and I have to see I see absolutely no reason to stay with the 32 bit edition any longer.

If you’d like help with Windows 7 or need tech support for Detroit or Ann Arbor, give us a call.