Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Day for TAZ Networks and Michigan Network Support

Its a new day at the home for TAZ Networks.  We’ve moved into a spacious new office located very close to the Interstate in Brighton, MI.  We’ve in fact tripled our space with plenty of room to grow.  We’ve spent some long days and nights lately and I’m extremely proud of my dedicated and faithful team.  I might just have a hard time getting some work done though as I sit in my office looking at 3 walls of windows on a beautiful day here.

Our new address is as follows:

4763 S Old US Highway 23 Ste A

Brighton, MI 48114

Now why do we say its a new day and not just any old office move?

First off we’re proud of the fact that we’re growing in Michigan with a commitment to get stronger, bigger and better.  This means providing the best technology solutions for our Michigan Small Business and Medium Sized business clients.  If you haven’t read a newspaper lately then you are probably the only one in the world that hasn’t read about Michigan’s struggles lately.  We’re doing our part to reverse that trend and hope to hire 3 new people this year.  We know its not the thousands that have been lost but hey you gotta start somewhere!

Secondly, we’re proud to announce we’ve included a data center in our design to facilitate backups and cloud computing for our clients in Michigan and elsewhere.  Are you someone who is just tired of the cycle of paying for servers and throwing them out 3 years later?  We’ve got you covered.  Place your infrastructure into our center and let us manage the whole process for you.  Or perhaps you’d just like to get that silly Exchange server off your neck or add some backup off site to your mix.  We’re here to help.  We’re excited about what the next several years holds for technology and we know that this will strengthen our efforts to assist Michigan Small Businesses with their network support and colocation needs for a long time to come.  This will be a first for Livingston County as well.  With our technology knowledge of Small Business Server, Exchange Server, and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology we can definitely provide several different options to our clients for their well being.

Third, we’re providing better facilities and monitoring as well for our existing clients.  We’ll be installing new monitors on the walls to see at a moments notice if one of our clients is down or unavailable.  This will give our help desk and technology teams instant access along with management the ability to work together to keep our clients up and running.

Fourth, with this new move we’ll be making a concerted effort to get our name out and let more people know about us.  This means more dollars committed to sales and marketing.  We think we have a strong organization that can help people and companies and we want everyone to know that.  So if you’re reading this blog and have ideas I’m all ears!  Let others know as well if you had a great experience with us or let me know if there are ways to improve our organization.

I’ve gotta say that I’m humbled by the increases in our organization.  When I started TAZ Networks in 2003 I worked out of a basement with the goal of just providing the best Michigan small business network support.  The views may have changed since then but the goal has not.  However its no time to sit back and take it easy.  Technology changes so quickly now that we have to keep moving forward otherwise we’re like the kid on the bike learning to ride who doesn’t realize you have to move forward to keep balanced and falls off very quickly.  If you’ve got kids like me I’m sure you spent some long days in the driveway running behind your kids as they learn to bike.

Thanks to all of our loyal clients and if there is anything I can personally do to assist your organization to work with TAZ Networks or if you just have a technology question in general let me know.  My email is on the right.