Friday, June 04, 2010

Bob Burg coming to Detroit

If you haven’t had a change to check out Bob Burg speak then take 4 hours and listen to him.  Motorcity Connect is having him come to Lawrence Tech to speak.  For the price its a great chance to hear an excellent networker speak.  Even if you pick up a thing or two it’ll be worth your time.

In our work as an Ann Arbor Network Support Company we make sure that we use the Go giver mentality that is mentioned in Bob’s book.  Where did we learn this concept?  It was being a part of our peer group Heartland Technology Groups where this is something that is used in all discussions to make us better organizations.

Its a privilege to try and help others with their Computer Support needs but in everyday life just helping out brings big rewards.

Check out the Go Giver and Bob when he comes into town.