Thursday, April 28, 2011

Storing Server Items

Its always a pretty scary thing when a server goes down for a business.  Downtime of any type is pretty hard to accept but when some of it can be avoided it’s that much more frustrating.

Your server may go down but what can you do to try and help keep that downtime to a minimum?

1.  Always try and keep your IT provider’s documentation (you do have documentation for EVERYTHING right??) nearby or right when you can get it.

2.  Any CD’s, DVD’s, documentation or anything else that came shipped with your server should be easy to grab as well.

3.  Make sure that your backup drives are good and easy to get to.  In the event that offsite storage has to be gotten in case of disaster do you know the process or procedure to get it back the quickest way?  That would includes contact phone numbers or perhaps manual or documented usernames and passwords.

Just having all the above at your fingertips will help you to save precious downtime for your business.